It's easier than you think to live in Mexico!

Here's the low-down on Mexico. The facts. Straight from experienced professionals, the department of immigration in Mexico and people who have gone before you. Want to move to Mexico but aren't sure if you can qualify or afford it? Confused?…

Move and relocate to Mexico City CDMX and visit the Cathedral at the Zocalo and see the giant Mexican Flag

Documents and Identification That You May Need in Mexico

Depending on your personal situation, and how you plan to live in Mexico, you may need to prepare and bring certain documents and ID in advance of your entry to Mexico. Your focus: Know what you'll need to bring, how…

Immigration Programs

There are several types of immigration programs and visas available for those who want to live in Mexico. We've made it easy for you to apply for residency in Mexico. This page is a general overview of all the programs…

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Create Your Payment Forms Online and Pay Your Mexican Immigration Fees

This page explains how to fill out and create the payment form you'll need online for your Immigration applications. First, you will need to determine the fees that you must pay before submitting your application form at Immigration. INM publishes…

About the Move to Mexico Guide


Jennifer Robin Lee outside Bellas Artes in CDMXI’m Jennifer Robin Lee, a Canadian living permanently in the big metropolis of Mexico City. I live here with my young family and work remotely as an eMarketing professional.

Did you know it’s entirely possible for you to live in Mexico too?

It took me quite a few tries to figure out how to immigrate here… but that’s because I was following inaccurate information that I’d found online.

After wasting time and suffering needlessly for years, I finally figured out how I could live in Mexico long-term, without having to ever return to the cold and expensive Canadian life I once had.

My mission in creating this website and our eCourse is to help you avoid all the little mistakes that I once made (and I made a ton… you can read my story in my eBook “How to NOT Run Away to Mexico” here)… 

You CAN avoid all potential setbacks and suffering by learning from my lessons… because anything can happen if you don’t prepare yourself well for Mexico…

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of bad advice and narrow points-of-view out there… did you know there’s literally hundreds of websites, forums and Facebook groups about moving to Mexico? Some of them have great support and advice, but you have to weed through it all and spend too much time navigating for information.

Worse, many websites are totally outdated and not maintained at all. They’re jam-packed and full of material, which makes it really hard to understand how to apply it to your own personal situation… and how do you know what’s been vetted or what’s accurate?

Jennifer Robin Lee on the Beach in CozumelLuckily, I finally learned how the systems in Mexico work. The culture. The immigration programs. Where to go for help and how to accomplish my goals. How to build a trustworthy community to go to when I needed help.

And now I’m offering my knowledge and experience to you.

This website and my eCourse took a lot of time and research to create and build for you. But… the benefit for you is that it’s organized well and user-friendly.


You can access the most current information ALWAYS, making it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it. And, we’re adding and updating our content regularly.

So to keep the most useful information available to you, we’ve offered our best material in our eCourse, that you can access FOREVER… and you’ll be able to meet people just like yourself who want to move to, or are already living and working in Mexico.

We’re open to any suggestions you might have… about how the website and eCourse can be improved… or feedback on more services and material we can offer to meet your needs and solve your problems.

Just send me an email at jennifer.r.lee[a]

Jennifer Robin Lee scuba diving in CozumelI hope you enjoy our user-friendly portal where you can watch our videos, follow easy to understand instructions, and make your own plan on living the life you’ve dreamed of in Mexico.

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Most of all… enjoy the adventure you’re about to embark on. You won’t regret it!

Saludos y Suerte!

Jennifer Robin Lee